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The Buckeye Foundation was started 10 years ago by some wonderful and dedicated parents from  communities where school district foundations are common. They realized that if we want our school district to be able to offer some of the educational opportunities that others do, then the district was going to need outside help to fund them. After a few quiet years, the Buckeye Education Foundation is making a comeback! The Buckeye Education Foundation is YOUR nonprofit organization, created by Buckeye parents for all of our children, with the sole purpose of supporting the education of Buckeye students.

California school districts simply cannot afford many of the “extras” of the past, due to inadequate funding – the “extras” that we all know are fundamental to a well-rounded education, and truly not “extra” at all. But all of these wonderful programs began to disappear when CA voters chose to put a cap on property taxes 40 years ago. Over half of the money that was given to schools every year disappeared. When the money disappeared, things like art, sports, music, PE, librarians, counselors, and so much more started getting cut.

Buckeye is a great school district with strong schools and the reason many of us moved to the communities we  call home, but there are more programs we wish the district could offer our children including: art, drama, choir, dance, music, sports, and more. And this is why the Buckeye Foundation exists – to help raise money, and then make grants to the district to support the programs we want to see funded.

Since launch, the Foundation has granted approximately $750,000 to district-wide educational programs and instruction support.

Any amount you can donate makes a difference, whether it be $10 or $50,000!

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Good schools mean good communities, higher property values, and lower crime rates. We live in an exceptional area filled with exceptional people. Working together we can continue to offer the children in our community the exceptional educational opportunities that they deserve!

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