Welcome to the Buckeye Foundation's Student Spotlight! We are so proud of our Buckeye Students, and happy to be able to feature some of their hard work and achievements here! 

March 2021: We truly have THE most talented students and staff here in Buckeye! We're already hard at work every day making our 'million dreams' come true!!! 

December 2019: Congratulations to all six middle school casts of performers on your wonderful performances of the Velveteen Rabbit! You did an amazing job!

The Buckeye Foundation is so proud to have sponsored another year of our district-wide Middle School drama program. 

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Congratulations to the following classes!

They had the most paper and online survey/donation forms

filled out and returned by their families in the Fall!

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Thank you to our 2019-20 Annual Campaign Sponsor Steve's Pizza in El Dorado Hills!