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proudly presents

"What Brings Me Joy"



featuring the artwork of TK-8th grade Buckeye Union School District students

Over 400 works of art were entered in the art show!


We hope visitors to this page will enjoy seeing all of the ways Buckeye students are finding joy! And we hope that visiting our art show will be added to your personal list of things that bring you joy!

The art gallery will remain open for viewing for the rest of the school year.

Judging of the artwork for the awarding of prizes was conducted by our partnering event sponsor and generous prize donor, the El Dorado Hills Arts Association.

Congratulations to the winning artists in each grade level!

You can find their award winning works in the art gallery below.

TK - Landscape by Jiya Sherpa Chauhan
K - The Earth Brings Me Joy by Sophie Lambert
1st - Seasons of the Year by Leonard Sandow
2nd - Singing Donut by Shelby De Anda
3rd - Summer Dandelion by Blooklynne Pattanawat
4th - Wild Cat by Lucas Dapremont
5th - Underwater Awesomeness by Emalee Maroldy
6th - Peaceful River by Ellie Evans 
7th - Joy Ride by Eva Ringger 
8th - Rain Girl by Kaitlin Yu

To view the artwork, click on a preview image in the rotating gallery.

A new window will open displaying the full work, with title and credit. 

(Artwork may not be viewable on all mobile devices. For the best experience, we recommend viewing from a computer.)


(Transitional Kindergarten)

Twilight by Jiya Sherpa Chauhan
Flower by Jiya Sherpa Chauhan
Landscape by Jiya Sherpa Chauhan
With My Cake by Jiya Sherpa Chauhan
Scarlett's Rainbow by Scarlett McKenna


Dancing Brings Me Joy by Eleanot Thao
Brother and Sister at the Park by Dante Metallo
Me Fishing! by Noah McCook
My Cats by Charlie Siegfried
A Pumpkin Patch by Charlie Siegfried
Window to Space by Atticus Preston
Isabella by Genavieve Faith Juanitas
How To Ride Into A Rainbow by Cale Cabalse
Amazon River by Ethan Leng
Rainbows and Flowers by Noah Gaewsky
Butterfly in the Sky by Noah Gaewsky
The Best Grandparents by Blakeley Yeo
Humpback by Jace Ausnes
Feathers by Charlotte Warren
Brady by Emily Sallette
Fairies Hurray by Karina Langford
Sunshine Mermaid Hurray by Karina Langford
Bilal's World by Bilal Ali
The Earth Brings Me Joy by Sophie Lambert
Snoozing Bunny by Blakeley Yeo
Alice's Wonderhouse by Blakeley Yeo
King of All Dragons by Casen Fowler
Robot + Me = Joy by Shayna Rajabian
Sandy Beach by Blakeley Yeo

First Grade

Cupcakes by Eylim Jeramillo
Mermaid Swimming by Cambrie Filippi
Fluffy by Kaitlyn Riley Estillore
Food Party by Quincey Roos
The Witch by Gwynn Mills
The Pumpkin by Gwynn Mills
Untitled by Gabriella Martinez
Butterfly by Zoe Crook
Princess World by Holland Patrick
Poodle Party by Hannah Pate
Giant Sloth by Evelyn Kleary
Be Kind, Be Different, Be Curious by Leonard Sandow
Seasons of the Year by Leonard Sandow
Bavarian Alps by Leonard Sandow
Animals are Beautiful by Aislinn Signor
I Like to Play by Mikey Prichard
A Flower Garden by William Adams
Sunflower Joy by Zenna Gomes
Ocean Commotion by Isabelle Tucker
Camping Out by Lauren Williams
The Swamp by Olivia Hatton
Ella by Eliana de Ornelas
Puppies Stack by Dalaney Henry
Reflections All Over by Hannah Pate
Relaxing Platypus by Hannah Pate
Unstoppable Slime by Benjamin Hellam
The Mighty Flash Eagle by Benjamin Hellam
My Furry Friend by Scarlett Hazeleaf
My Pomeranian, Lola Brings Me Joy by Camryn Armer
Cold Yet Adorable by Hannah Pate
A Happy Life by Emelie Masiel
Peaceful Nature Brings Me Joy by Hannah Pate
Mooo by Carmen Parker
Sunset by Carmen Parker
Family & Friends bring me JOY!! by Raven Naasz
Spooky Halloween by Hunter Elliott
Alligator by Nico Lara
The Simpsons by Nico Lara
Creepy House by Nico Lara
Animals Bring Me Joy by Lucette Kleary
Whimzical by Nico Lara
Van Gogh's Sunflowers by Vivienne Bumpus
My Family by Delaney Munk
My Family 2 by Delaney Munk
Flower Book by Delaney Munk
Narwhal in the Sea by Delaney Munk
Bugs Bunny in his Play Spot by Abigail Cameron
White Rex by Abigail Cameron

Second Grade

Beach Fun by Aryav Sherpa Chauhan
Impossible Triangle by Aryav Sherpa Chauhan
Ghost Pepper by Aryav Sherpa Chauhan
The Green Dragon by Cyrus Oriol
The Sea Makes Me Happy by Brynley Ringger
Rainbows and Unicorns Bring Joy! by Shreya Anvi Dongara
Peaceful Night by Brody Varner
Dragon Turtle by Jennifer Bitto
Flower Beauty by Jennifer Bitto
Flamingo Lagoon by Jennifer Bitto
Dog Curl Up by Jennifer Bitto
Joyful Day by Jennifer Bitto
One, Two, Three, Four, Five by Jennifer Bitto
Fun Time by Jennifer Bitto
Tulips by Jennifer Bitto
Sea Life by Jennifer Bitto
Waterfall by Jennifer Bitto
Colorful Chameleon by Alesya Proshak
Ari's Family Bring Joy by Arihaan Ruhela
Fly with Me by Jingyang Zhang
Daddy and I with Unicorn by Mikayla Kost
Rainbow Painting by Mikayla Kosterow
Friendly Whale by Mikayla Kosterow
Butterfly by Mikayla Kosterow
Sun Came Back Out by Mikayla Kosterow
Ocean and Sea Animals by Malaya Mico
Crazy Chameleons by Ella Mobley
Deer in the Headlights by Nina Alvarado
A Student's Desk by Marko Bandov
Self Portrait by River Preston
My Family by River Preston
The Resting Fox by Savannah Calero
My Sister by Alodia Joy Juanitas
Flower and the Sky by Brady Plummer
What brings me joy is a cold glass of Lemonade by Audrey Sallette
What brings me joy is unicorn cake by Audrey Sallette
Untitled by Parker Crook
Freedom by Elijah Beck
Silver Fox by Elijah Beck
My Alien Friend by Elijah Beck
Untitled by Amilia Lundqvist-Poppers
Kawaii Book by Monroe Sale
A Book Opened on a Desk by Ruben Won
Butterfly Path by Eva Mobley
Nature's Way by Ella Mobley
My Family by Giuliana Davis
Rainbow Sky by Chloe Moulliet
Jojo by Mistyanna Jasso
Homerun by Cyrus Oriol
Jungle by Lyanna Adi
Singing Donut by Shelby De Anda
Garden Buddies by Emma King
The Ways of the Dolphin by Ella Mobley
Bluebird by Jennica Prichard
My Little Pony Pals by Isabelle Warren
Palm Trees in Hawaii by Audrey Salette
Dogs are Playful by Audrey Sallette
Cats are Fluffy by Audrey Sallette
Swimming in Pool by Eva Mobley
The Sea with the Dolphins by Ella Mobley
Unicorns Behind a Rainbow by Brianna Graat
Cookie Moon by Mia Zucco
Owl by Mia Zucco
Abstract by Mia Zucco
Rainbow Unicorn by Mia Zucco
The Bookshelf by Finnegan Loarie
Picha-Finn by Finnegan Loarie
Nature by Millie Grinnell
Undercover Flags by Brady Plummer
Succulent by Brady Plummer
Dog with Flowers by Brady Plummer
Stargazing by Eva Mobley
Animals by Shelby De Anda
The Mermaid of the Sea by Shelby De Anda
Unicorns by Shelby De Anda
Fingerprints by Rebecca Langford
Magic Can Always Happen by Rebecca Langford
Colors by Rebecca Langford
My Day at the Beach by Saira Parackal
The Odd Plum Tree by Emma Truong
Sunset Over the Ocean by Emma Truong
Falling Water by Ella Truong
Starry Night of Owls by Ella Truong
Buddy the Bobcat by Brooklyn Fackrell
Dinosaurs Rule! by Oliver Kelly
Turtle in the Ocean by Brooklyn Fackrell
Baby Jaguar by Brooklyn Fackrell

Third Grade

Sunflowers at Sunset by Treyson Filippi
Landscape with Flying Eggs by Jaeven Cook
My Happy Place by Maanya Bojja
Beach Day by Madison Tucker
Litten Fire Cat Pokemon by Julian Vidales
Kingler Pokemon by Julian Vidales
Crawdaunt Rogue Pokemon by Julian Vidales
Sceptile Pokemon by Julian Vidales
Venusaur Seed Pokemon by Julian Vidales
Raikou Thunder Pokemon by Julian Vidales
Pokemon characters Venusaur, Blastoise, & Charizard by Julian Vidales
Giratina Pokemon by Julian Vidales
Animals on a sunny and rainy day by Julian Vidales
Pokemon character by Julian Vidales
Solar System by Colette Neal
My Family by Jack Bell
Make Believe by Aniston Patrick
My Dad (Part 1 - Unfolded) by Landon Signor
My Dad 2 (Part 1) by Landon Signor
Chinese Zong Zi by Calvin Chen
My Teacher by Calvin Chen
Mom by Evie Beck
Northern Sky by Evie Beck
Differently Created by Evie Beck
Savory Ice Creams by Blooklynne Pattanawat
Summer Dandelion by Blooklynne Pattanawat
Terrific Pig by Ryan Wyatt
Breaching Dolphin by Ryan Wyatt
Fish and Friends by Ryan Wyatt
Cyclops by Ryan Wyatt
Sun Dragon by Skylar Stephen
Silver Dragon by Skylar Stephen
Hydra by Skylar Stephen
Corona Time by Peyton Urbanski
My Mimikyu by Enzo Floyd
Blue by Melanie Hellam
Rainbow by Melanie Hellam
The Birds by Melanie Hellam
The Animals by Melanie Hellam
Splat by Melanie Hellam
The Letter M by Melanie Hellam
The Habitat by Melanie Hellam
America by Peyton Urbanski
School Makes Me Happy by Andrew Xiong
The Night Wish by Penny Siegfried
The Kelp Maids by Penny Siegfried
Fox Forest by Penny Siegfried
A mama whale and her baby's journey through the waters by Jaxon Ausnes
Joy!! by Carson Curtis
What Brings Me Joy by Colby Curtis
Adventure Awaits by Trenton Masiel
Happy vs. Sad by Peyton Urbanski
Rainbow-Pink, Purple and Blue by Peyton Urbanski
Rainy Day Rainbow by Peyton Urbanski
Mega Gyarados by Zaid Ali
Fireworks by Natalie Montes
Bridge by Natalie Montes
Glitter Pumpkins by Natalie Montes
Rainbow Dragon by Natalie Montes
Rainbow Zebra by Natalie Montes
Hagrid by Natalie Montes
Lightening Bugs by Natalie Montes
Porthole by Natalie Montes
Suitcases by Natalie Montes
Sunset by Natalie Montes
Friends Make Me Happy by Andrew Xiong
Sunset by Swapnil Solanki
Halloween Love by Peyton Urbanski
Untitled by Shae Larson-Duewel
Drawing Sea Fairy Cookie by Kristine Yu
Loki by Addison Geddes
Wild Cat by Lucas Dapremont
Happy Cat by Lucas Dapremont
Beach Memories by Maliya Khamis
Halloween by Georgia Contos
Under The Rainbow by Chloe Cabalse
Cupcake by Gabby Lucidi
Hip Hop Makes Me Happy by Gabby Lucidi
Take Me Out To The Ball Game by Gabby Lucidi
Hawaiian Sunset by Gabby Lucidi
Ava and Goldie by Annabella Prichard
The Fair by Avry Hatton
Sunset Rabbit Walk by Carina Xiong
Water Fun by Megan Williams
Ballerina Girl by Kristine Yu
Sunsets in the Wild by Jenna Spong
Cartooning Me by Brennan Graat
Turtle Swimming in Water by Ethan Jordan
A Joyous Life by Sienna Gelber
Wolf by Avry Hatton
Castle by Avry Hatton
Bulldog by Avry Hatton
Pennywise Treasure Box by Audri McKenna
Cherry Blossom Tree by Audri McKenna
Rotating Sky by Audri McKenna
Lighthouse by Valentina Cheng
Jiangnan Water Town by Valentina Cheng
Cabin in the Snow by Valentina Cheng
Drowsy Sketch by Ethan Placek
Sunset by the Ocean by Valentina Cheng
My Dream by Valentina Cheng
Autumn Forest by Valentina Cheng
A Sunset After a Rainy Day by Valentina Cheng
Kitten by Gianna Gustafson
Santa Cruz Mountains by Michelle Mobley
Pumpkin Van Gogh by Ava Ireland Eggert
Mysterious Night by Ava Ireland Eggert
Baby Yoda by Levi Smith
Happy-Go-Lucky by Krisha Nayak
The Beach Brings Me Joy by Persia Naasz
Appa in the Blue Sky by Mila Twohig
A Walk by a River by Mila Twohig
The Nether Story by Kiley Consiglio
Holidays by Persia Naasz
Candy Pizza Monster by Shyanna Jasso
Reading Under the Rainbow Rain by Valentina Cheng

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Animals in Nature by Elise Sale
Stitch's No No Square by Gabriella Conant
Back To School With My Friends by Gabriella Conant
Friendship by Gabriella Conant
PupGuy by Gabriella Conant
Winston by Gabriella Conant
The Rose by Sophia Conant
FINALLY back to school by Sophia Conant
At the Beach by Sophia Conant
Through the Eyes of a Filter by Sophia Conant
Under Water Awesomeness by Emalee Maroldy
Beautiful Beads by Emalee Maroldy
Iron Man by Blake Bewsey
Tsuyu Asui by Natalie Thai
Appa the Flying Bison by Natalie Thai
Breath Of The Wild Link by Jackson Sattler
Zelda's Sword In Stone by Jackson Sattler
Imagination and Creativity Brings Joy by Nikhil Dhruv Dongara
Learning Pencil Sketching by Anvita Vignesh
Love Animals 1 by Anvita Vignesh
Love Animals 2 by Anvita Vignesh
Garden Sunset by Braelyn King
Happy in My Hand by Sophia Martinez
Beach Sunset by Alex Armstrong
Afternoon Sketches by Alex Armstrong
Beach Vibes by Alex Armstrong
A Winter's Night Tree by Alex Armstrong
Love in the Night Sky by Alex Armstrong
Howling at the Moon by Alex Armstrong
Summer Cactus Heat by Alex Armstrong
Rising Joy in the World by Emalee Maroldy
My Good Doggie by Alicia Alvarado
Anime Boy by Ashlyn Andreis
Unscreened Joy by Chloe Jun
Abstract by Annika Oriol
Seasons by Annika Oriol
Differences by Annika Oriol
Cherry Blossom by Annika Oriol
Tahoe in Summer by Annika Oriol
Bunny Love by Jessalie Masiel
Soccer Brings Me Joy by Emalee Maroldy
Seasons by Sahana Mahesh
Garden Art by Sahana Mahesh
My Favorite Dragon, Light Fury by Grace De Anda
Dragon Guarding Treasure by Grace De Anda
Peacock in Spring by Grace De Anda
Joyful Kittens by Taylor Albertoni
Rin Okumura by Ashlyn Andreis
Bakugo by Kyle Chin
Giant Ninja Star by Matthew McDonald
Lizard on Tree Branch by Matthew McDonald
Erupting Volcano by Matthew McDonald
Origami Butterfly by Sofia Lara
Food that Makes me Happy by Naureen Hasan
Cherry Blossom by Sofia Lara

Sixth Grade

Sunset Lake by Madelyn Hood
Fall by Makenzie Madril
What I Like To Do by Joshua Rosales
Untitled by Samantha Oelze
Having Long Hair by Lexi Varner
Swimming by Lexi Varner
Rollerblading by Lexi Varner
Boogie Boarding at Sunset by Lexi Varner
Cosmic Kitsune by Sarah Leal
Mystic Fox by Sarah Leal
Rainbow Love by Gianna Marietti
My Happy Place by Delaney Patrick
Scarecrow in Autumn by Samuel Linke
Red Winter Bird by Samuel Linke
Self Portrait by Bella Grace Juanitas
School Days by Haley Carel
Dreaming by Leah Beck
Girl Floating by Leah Beck
Walking out after a rain storm by Leah Beck
A Night Sky by Leah Beck
Thankful for our Teachers by Gracie Tinonga
Warm and Cold by Aivy Nguyen
Peaceful River by Ellie Evans
Barn House Bliss by Ellie Evans
AnnaDreams by Annamarie Floyd
Teamdream by Annamarie Floyd
Art of Joy by Annamarie Floyd
Joy in Creatures by Annamarie Floyd
Fun in the Outdoors by Andon MacDonald
Abstract Leaf by Zuhayr Adi
Cherry Blossom Falls by Audrey Bingham
Raven by Crystal Rice
Redwoods Night by Madelyn Hood
A Pink Night by Madelyn Hood
Galaxy Tree by Madelyn Hood
The Reflecting Moon by Madelyn Hood
Jurassic Confusion by Hamza Ali
Barapasaurus by Hamza Ali
Ocean Breeze by Aivy Nguyen
Sunset in the Mountains by Samuel Linke
Being warm and cozy! by Grace McDonald

Seventh Grade

Brightlight the Ninetails by Czean Elijae P. Soriano
Natural Beauty by Eva Ringger
Corgi by Logan Brewer
Dog at the Beach by Logan Brewer
My Happy Place by Monika Alvarez Romero
Travel by Lily Hinkle
Big Foot by Seth Jordan
Curious Kid by Cheyenne Jones
Flower Lover by Cheyenne Jones
A Dreamer's Galaxy by Kaelee Irwin
My Dog Penny by Sophia Coppa
My Cat Willow by Sophia Coppa
Joy-ride by Eva Ringger
Be Kind by Taylyn Young
Eye Shadow by Audrey Young
Tulips by Izzy Smith
Rudolph by Gabby Montes
Patriotic by Gabby Montes
Pepita by Gabby Montes
Starburst by Gabby Montes
Quokka by Gabby Montes
Winter Reflection by Sneha Solanki
Serenity Sunset by Richa Parackal
Sunset Tree by Kaelee Irwin
Stormy Day by Kaelee Irwin

Eighth Grade

Dragon Lady by Kaitlyn Yu
Walking on the Sunset by Jade Davis
Star Night by Jade Davis
Time in Space by Jade Davis
Gamer Girl by Jade Davis
Deer in the Meadow by Dasia Taylor
Hollow Night Inspiration by Peyton Hatto
Far Away by Leyana Haque
The Unique Street in London by Leyana Haque
Rain Girl by Kaitlyn Yu
1980's Inspiration by Peyton Hatton
Life in Lockdown by Kien Nguyen
Desert Window by Nicole Uribe
To Be an Elephant by Nicole Uribe
Flowers in Heaven by Leyana Haque
Palm Trees in Hawaii by Leyana Haque
Sweet Life by Leyana Haque
Underwater Sea Scene by Nik Glass
Out of this World Meteorshower by Leah Bingham
SpongeBob SquarePants by Leyana Haque
Life in the Hill by Leyana Haque
Difference by Leyana Haque
Lime by Ava Williams
Chance by Leyana Haque
Cherry Blossom by Leyana Haque
Fly Away by Leyana Haque
Sparkling Waterfall by Leyana Haque
The Beach by Leyana Haque
The Galaxy by Leyana Haque

We hope you have enjoyed our 2020 Virtual Art Show, "What Brings Me Joy."

We would like to thank all of the BUSD student artists who have contributed their beautiful work to share with our community, and who inspire us all to find and celebrate the things in life that bring us joy. 

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