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  • Why can’t I contribute to my PTA to fund these programs specifically for my child’s school?
    This is the question we probably hear the most. The Foundation funds programs that by district policy MUST BE FUNDED AT THE DISTRICT LEVEL. The programs we fund include staffing and all staffing is paid at the district level. Site-specific Parent Groups are restricted to the purchase of physical goods (iPads, Chrome Books, Playground Structures, etc), or programs staffed by unpaid volunteers (Meet the Masters, etc.). The Foundation, by contributing at the district level, is able to fund the staffing that installs and maintains the technology items purchased and trains teachers how to use them. Both levels of contribution are important!
  • What is the Buckeye Education Foundation?
    The Buckeye Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit collaboration of parents, educators and the community focused on providing supplemental funding to the six elementary schools and three middle schools within the Buckeye Union School District in El Dorado County, California. The Foundation is independent from the Buckeye Union School District yet seeks to work closely with the District and its Board of Trustees to benefit all children in the District. The district-wide Foundation was formed in 2009 to address inadequate funding for schools at the state level and to provide supplemental funding for at-risk and supplemental programs necessary to offer our district’s children a complete education.
  • Who benefits from the Buckeye Education Foundation?
    The entire community, region and state! Not only does excellence in education help ensure that our 4,527 children at the district’s eight schools remain competitive academically, quality schools promote higher property values and a better quality of living for our community and the state as a whole.
  • Why do our schools need private fundraising?
    Funding for California’s schools is woefully inadequate. In fact, California has fewer school staff per pupil than any other state and our state’s per-student funding is near the very bottom of all 50 states. What’s more, the state’s continued budget emergency has resulted in even deeper cuts to education over the last four years, impacting every public school district in California. The consequence has been increased class sizes, and rapidly disappearing programs from schools all over California, programs such as fine arts, science, music, art, physical education and school counselors. As a result, private foundations similar to Buckeye Education Foundation have been formed in nearly 600 California communities to support local schools.
  • Didn’t the approval of Measure K provide additional school funding?
    Measure K, passed in 2006 by a majority of county voters, authorized the issuance of bonds specifically for school facility modernization and new construction projects, not the programs and staff the Foundation hopes to protect.
  • What types of programs might the Buckeye Education Foundation support?
    The goal of the Buckeye Education Foundation is to provide critical staff as well as protect and enhance at-risk programs and services provided to K-8 students that the district and state are unable to fund. Specifically, the Foundation funds PE and Library programs to the benefit of every child in the district. We are currently working with the district to upgrade the technology in our classrooms to move them into the 21st century.
  • How will the Foundation collaborate with the PTA, PTOs or Foundations on each campus?"
    Representatives from the eight campuses are involved in the Foundation, at the board or committee level. Additionally, Foundation directors have established a system of ongoing communication and coordination with the PTAs/PTOs at individual school campuses to collaborate and coordinate fundraiser timing and avoid crossover efforts where possible.
  • How does the Buckeye Education Foundation raise money and from what specific sources?
    The main sources of income will be an annual donation from school families, with matching corporate contributions from many of our parents’ generous employers. In addition, the Foundation holds fundraising events and solicits support from the business community and other foundations and organizations at the regional, statewide and national levels. Finally we are pursuing ongoing efforts to secure funds through educational grants and endowments.
  • What is the fundraising goal for 2020-21?
    Our goal in 2020-21 is to raise $100,000+. With full participation, either through parent donations or sponsorships equalling $250 for each Buckeye School District student, we would be able to donate between $500,000 and $1 million to the Buckeye Union School District each year.
  • ​What level of donation will the Buckeye Education Foundation ask for from parents?
    Any amount you can give is helpful! Our fundraising goals are based on a minimum donation of $250 per child to cover the cost of delivering the types of programs listed above. If each of our district’s 3,000 families donates $250 we would raise $750,000 from those donations alone! We hope for 100% family participation, but understand that a donation is not feasible for all of our families. We ask parents, no matter what your means, to give what you can. A gift of your time to volunteer is just as important as financial support.
  • How can I/my company donate?
    There are many ways to support the Foundation financially – in person at the time of registration, online through this website, or by mail.
  • Are my donations tax-deductible?
    Yes! The Buckeye Education Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation and donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Our tax ID # is 27-1254269.
  • How do I find out if my company offers a matching donation?
    Many medium and large-size employers offer some type of matching program. Simply send us the signed gift matching form from your employer and we’ll follow up and track any matching funds toward your family’s contribution.
  • How else can I support the Buckeye Education Foundation?
    Because the Foundation is 100% volunteer staffed, we rely on district parents and community members to staff our committees, organize fundraising efforts, and promote awareness of the Foundation. No matter how small your time availability may be, there is way you can help! Please submit your contact information to
  • Where can I find out more information about the Foundation?
    Email to Also, please follow us on Facebook to stay updated on Foundation efforts. You are welcome to ask questions and address concerns at our monthly board meetings.
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