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Welcome to the 2023 Buckeye Education Foundation
Virtual Poetry Showcase:
"The Great Outdoors"

For National Poetry Month in April, the Buckeye Education Foundation offered our 3rd Annual Poetry Showcase, open to submissions from all Buckeye district students. 

Thank you BUSD poets for your wonderful submissions to our showcase! We hope all visitors to this site will take some time to explore your amazing poetic works.
Our guest judges have completed the difficult work of selecting an honoree from each grade level to receive a special poetry and pizza prize pack. Congratulations to our top scorers in each grade-level category! Honorees for this year are:

Kindergarten : "Rainbow I Spy" by Logan Longacre
1st Grade : "The World of Wildlife" by Adeline Fredric
2nd Grade : "Summer Garden" by Eliza Hasegawa
3rd Grade : "Nature" by Mackenzie Lansford
4th Grade : "The Great Outdoors" by Chloe Ozobiani
5th Grade : "The Waves of Life" by Jonah Murdoch
6th Grade : "Nature (The Place I Want To Be)" by Kabir Agarwal
7th Grade : "An Amazing Tree" by Raman Sethi
7th Grade : "Man at the Crown" by Henrey Wilson

Prizes and certificates will be delivered to all poets' schools next week. 
Happy reading! 


First Grade

Second Grade