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proudly presents

" California Dreamin' "

featuring the artwork of TK-8th grade Buckeye Union School District students

We hope visitors to this page will enjoy our students' artistic visi
ons of California. Thank you to all of our
student participants and their families for sharing their work, and to you, our art gallery audience, for visiting and sharing in this special Buckeye community art experience!

Thank you to local artist Brian Wallace, for generously supporting our art showcase and serving as a judge for our art
showcase awards.
Thank you to our partnering sponsor, the El Dorado Hills Arts Association, for generously sponsoring prizes, and for serving as judges for our art showcase awards.
Thank you to our partnering sponsor, the El Dorado County Library, for offering to host our top scoring art works in a display at the EDC Library, El Dorado Hills Branch.

The EDH Library will host our art display of top-scoring artworks in the lobby display case from December 12th - 30th. Our judges will be evaluating artwork after the close of the submission period, and will try to have results ready to announce the following week. How quickly they are able to complete the work will depend on the number of entries we receive. Certificates and some small thank-you prizes for all participants will be distributed to schools.

To view the artwork, click on a preview image in the rotating gallery. A new window will open displaying the full work, with title and credit.
(Artwork may not be viewable on all mobile devices. For the best experience, we recommend viewing from a computer.)

TK & Kindergarten

Snowy Mountain by Quinn Sznapstajler
Sunset Flowers by Prescott Healer
Sunset Rainbow by Prescott Healer
Rainbowflowers by Emery Spencer
Dreaming to have a Burger Meal by Loky Wu
Uniting All Power to Build a Better California Together by Loky Wu
Pfeiffer Beach Sunset by Lacey Shepard
Sunrise Bridge by Gwendolyn Zimlich
Nature Dream by Aiden Wang
Flower Festival by Layla Hablitzel
California Dreamin' by Karinne Olmstead
My House by Anthony Swanson
California Train by Theodore Schnell
Camping by Holly Longacre
Helpful Plants by Ty Reehil
California Dreamin' by Allison Brooks

First Grade

Bear Walking in the Rain by Chase McGinnis
Pig-Bear by Chase McGinnis
Enjoying Spring Break with My Cat by Noora Kadir
Mountains and Sunsets Too by Adam Crean
Flying to Mars by Koby Wu
Ocean by Jack Schifando
I Love our Language (English) by Bentley Burns
A summer pool day by Bentley Burns
Four Seasons California by Jack Biggs
San Francisco/Lake Tahoe by Zoey Sahourieh
The World Famous Hollywood Sign by Miles Wright
California Rainbow by Collins Barker
Squirrel Hike by Elara Wheeler
Mommy and Me by Elara Wheeler
The Food by Briar Bockman
The Birch Tree Forest by Emma Hu
The Mountain View Rainbow by Emma Hu
Bee House by Emma Hu
The Seasons in California by Julia Perez
Snow Day at the Beach, Lake Tahoe by Layla Piney
Lake Tahoe Forest Wonder by Mackenna Johnson
The California Landscape by Maximo Chu
Rainbow California by Logan Longacre
Fun in the Sun by Merrill Ringger
I Love California! by Chloe Nilsen

Second Grade

Our Mountains by Julia Gossett
California World by Julia Bergin
California Dreamin' by Riley Goshorn
California Beach Beach Beach by Emma Williamson
My California Dream by Stella Clanton
I Love Jeeps by Averie Layton
Spooky California Nights by Aria Spiteri
Kitty Cat Dreams by Riley Gates
California Collage by London Schnell
Beautiful California by Anna Yao
Beautiful Things, Beautiful California by Evelyn Cameron
Hoppy Poppy by London Schnell
Ocean Sunset by Raphael Camacho
California Dreamin' by Mara Savill
Scenic California by Arjun Bemgal
Hollywood Sunset by Luna Pratt-Reyes
Golden Poppy Hills by Kamden Long
Animals at Sunset by Abbie Swimme
Peacock Paradise by Kimber McCloskey
Flower Waters by Lucca Abney

Third Grade

The Hills of California by Eliza Hasegawa
California Bear Standing in a Patch of Golden Poppies at Sunset by Allison McGinnis
California Bear Walking in a Redwood Forest by Allison Mcginnis
Golden Poppy by Allison McGinnis
California Dreamin' by Ruben Lotay
Wilderness Adventures by Alina Mitchell
California Sunsets by Scotland Silveri
California let your Heart Bloom by Evelyn Petersen
Cute, Sunny Day by Genavieve Juanitas
What's Your Favorite Season? by Kylee San
Sunset in Sacramento, CA by Kylee San
SacTown Kings by Kylee San
A Sierra Nevada Mountain by Sydney Leinweber
Nature (2) by Zoey Schifando
Nature (1) by Zoey Schifando
Postcard From Home by Emi To
Paper Punch by Quinn Santiano
California Dreamin' on the Lake by Sadie Wright
Ocean Animals by Kimberlyn Olmstead
The Road to Oceanside by Lily Jones
The Palm Paradise by Ethan Leng
Summer Day in California by Alexis Bielefeldt
Gardens/ Forest by Mikaela Brooks
Dream Big by Cheyenne Nichols
Outside Life by Charlie Rubalcaba
The California Poppy by Emily Moon
Happy Bear with her Poppies by Lilleah Pollard
Dreamy California Sunset at the Beach by Dylan Tognotti
Lovely Day by the Bay by Hannah Pate
Sunset by Vandana Udaiyanathan
Fireworks Near the River by Sarah Wang
Dreaming of a Wonder by Eylim Anabella Jaramillo Urbina
Golden Gate Bridge by Abigail Hughes
Flower Fields by Zoe Crook
Sunset Surfing at the Santa Monica Pier by Maya Pratt-Reyes
The Sierra Nevada by Alexandru Chu
Realistic Dog Labrador by Mila Vivenzi
CA Do Not Trash by Evelyn Kleary
Sutter Buttes Farm Land by Evelyn Kleary
Relaxing in the CA Sun - By the Wonderful Things! by Lucette Kleary
Dog Day Dreaming in the CA Sun by Lucette Kleary
Horse Riding On The Beach by Lucette Kleary
United by Emily Nash
Sunset by Emily Nash

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Our State Flower Dreamin' Orange Delight by Chloe Moulliet
Sporty by Aryeh Sznapstajler
THE California Dream by Quinn Clanton
Disneyland at Night by Quinn Clanton
California Critter Comic by Truly Wright
California of my Dreams by Millie Grinnell
Seagull Ashore by Alodia Juanitas
Waterfall by Grady Alfaqih
Beautiful Fall by Grady Alfaqih
Gold Rush Jail by Grady Alfaqih
Chapel in Yosemite by Grady Alfaqih
Take Off by Grady Alfaqih
Sunset by Karina Pokhrel
Scenic Surfboards California by Karina Pokhrel
Golden Freedom by Jordan McPherson
California Dreamin by Jingyang Zhang
Catalina by Parker Crook
California Dreamin by Ananya Ramamoorthy
Ocean Breeze by Celinda Chen
Fruit of California by Clara Ahn
On the Beach at Sunset by Isabelle Warren
Golden Sunset by Mika Bielefeldt
California Gold Rush by Charlotte Burke
Everything About California is Beautiful by Chloe Ozobiani
California Fall Sunset by Jesse Selva Savariar
Bright Moonlight by Brynley Ringger

Sixth Grade

Golden Gate Bridge by Andy Chang
The Majestic Mountain Lion by Kaylee Ferkovich
Fall Leaves by Hana Basit
The Golden Gate Bridge by Kritika Karnati
A Day at The Beach by Kritika Karnati
My Dream in California is San Francisco by Hanein Hanawi
Blue Jay by Payton Kathleen Meyers
Golden Horizons by Sachi Nanda

Seventh Grade

Icing on the Cupcake by Skylar Huitt
California Poppies by Accalia Legh-Page
A Happy Green Winged Teal Duck by Valentina Cheng
The Beauty of Alcatraz by Malia Curry
California Bengal by Valentina Cheng
Dreamers by Karis Weaver
California Beauty by Dakota Alfaqih
Lake Side Drift Wood by Dakota Alfaqih
The Bars by Dakota Alfaqih
Coloma Jail Lock by Dakota Alfaqih
Gold Rush Cabin by Dakota Alfaqih
The White Pickett Dream House by Payton Gassaway
California Dreamin' (2) by Sahana Mahesh
California Dreamin' (1) by Sahana Mahesh

Eighth Grade

Thank you to all of our Buckeye student artists for sharing your wonderful artwork with our community! 

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