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proudly presents

"What Lifts Me Up"



featuring the artwork of TK-8th grade Buckeye Union School District students

We hope visitors to this page will enjoy seeing all of the things that "lift up" our Buckeye students,
and that visiting our art show will be an experience that lifts YOU up!

Thank you to our partnering sponsor, the El Dorado Hills Arts Association, for generously sponsoring prizes, and for serving as the judges for our art show.

We are excited to announce that this year our Buckeye student artists are being invited to display their winning artworks at the El Dorado Hills Arts Association's Art Studio Tour in our community on Saturday October 1st and Sunday October 2nd.

Student artwork can be viewed in-person at Studio Tour Stop #12! 


Congratulations to the following artists for receiving top-honors and winning

the art-supply prize bundles in this year's Virtual Art Show!

Transitional Kindergarten:

Sun in the Storm by Elliott Spencer

Happy Birthday Uncle Sherm by Clark Hampton



My Pretty Garden by Abigail Swimme


1st Grade:

Love Has No Color by Giyah Bogdanovic


2nd Grade:

African Sunset by Gwynn Mills

Full Moon Over Lake Tahoe by Dylan Tognotti


3rd Grade:

Garden by Sandy Goelz


4th Grade:

The Quiet Sunset by Kritika Karnati


5th Grade:

Breaking Boards by Kristine Yu


6th Grade:

The Duck by Elise Belmont


7th Grade:

Silver Moonlight by Aivy Nguyen


8th Grade:

Lift Me Up by Natalie Minton

Thank you to all who participated! You have helped us create the beautiful art gallery below, that we will all continue to enjoy throughout the school-year!

You lift us up!

To view the artwork, click on a preview image in the rotating gallery. A new window will open displaying the full work, with title and credit. 
(Artwork may not be viewable on all mobile devices. For the best experience, we recommend viewing from a computer.)


(Transitional Kindergarten)

Sun In The Storm by Elliott Spencer
Happy Birthday Uncle Sherm by Clark Hampton


My Pretty Garden by Abigail Swimme
Rainbow by Jiya Sherpa Chauhan
Sunset Sky by Jiya Sherpa Chauhan
Mama Duck and Duckling by Brooklyn Gore
Dance, Sing by Mina Adeniyi
The Flipping Egg by Easton Sillanpaa
All the Things that Lift Me by Dominic Gagetta
Mom and Me and Rainbow Away by Clara Helms
Drawing lifts me up by Mahil Karthi
My pet bird lifts me up by Mahil Karthi
School lifts me up by Mahil Karthi
A Cherry Blossom Tree by Kiara Dhall
Rainbow by Lily Starr
Happy Jars by Anthony LaVacca
Spiderman vs The Dragon Villain by Anthony LaVacca
In the Garden by Mara Savill
At the Beach by Tyson Bean
The Five Flowers by Riley Siefkes
Christmas Tree, Shooting Star Sky by Riley Siefkes
Teaching the Bible by Elowyn Brown
Animal Woods by Abigail Swimme

First Grade

Love Has No Color by Giyah Bogdanovic
Bug Family by Harvey Keyzer
Sisters in Hawaii by Kimberlyn Olmstead
Lucy Bacon 123 by Conor Hogan
Nature is Beautiful by Sadie Wright
Hibiscus in the Sun by Tony Percy
Blue Dahlia by Tony Percy
Unicorn by Karina Langford
The School Bus by Karina Langford
Family and Flowers by Casen Fowler
Crawling Bugs Flying Bugs by Charlotte Denney
Flying Cat by Davis Eno
Pigeon by Davis Eno
Best School Ever by Robert "Bobby" Shyrock
Pete the Cat Disco Dancer by Ryan Newton
Art of Happiness by Jordan Chou
Candy House by Jackson Barker
Rocket into Space by Lukas Gaewsky
Rainbow by Noah Gaewsky
The Glowing Super Sonic by Eliza Hasegawa
Nature's Sunset by Miranda Hampton
Small Bug, Big Happiness by Eliza Hasegawa

Second Grade

Full Moon Over Lake Tahoe (my happy place) by Dylan Tognotti
African Sunset by Gwynn Mills
Untitled by Avani Mehta
Spongebob by Deagan Rollins
Things that lift me up: my love is strong by Ben Wiseman
Baby Foal & Mama Horse by Isabelle Tucker
Colorful Hallway by Kelina Petrovich
A Walk in the Rain by Kelina Petrovich
Global Warming by Ilakkiya Thileepan
Scary Video Game by Ilakkiya Thileepan
Water Skating by Ilakkiya Thileepan
Ninja by Ilakkiya Thileepan
Spring Day by Audrey De La Torre
Rainbow Sunset by Audrey De La Torre
The Penguin by Audrey De La Torre
Rainbow Waterfall by Eylim Jaramillo
The Peacock Sunflower by Emery Sillanpaa
The Shooting Star by Emery Sillanpaa
Uni-cone Birthday by Emery Sillanpaa
Crimson Sunset by Emery Sillanpaa
Flutter Power by Shealee Fecteau
The Rocket by Lucas Leung
The Pepperoni & Pepper Pizza by Lucas Leung
The Rainbow Butterfly by Isabella Leung
The Unicorn by Isabella Leung
The Mexican Rice & Pepperoni Pizza by Isabella Leung
The Flower Purse by Isabella Leung
The Unicorn Rainbow by Isabella Leung
Cat in a Field by Jacoby Gagetta
Sailor and Hannah by Hannah Pate
Rainbow by Connor Delemarre
Soccer Lifts Me Up by Mateo Barba
Basketball by Jace Gregerson
Sunflowers of Shine by Raven Naasz
Awesome Airplane by Henry Sigel
Flowers lift me up!! by Aislinn Signor
Sunshine and outdoors lifts me up! by Aislinn Signor
Palm trees and beach water lifts me up!! by Aislinn Signor
Casper - My Ferrari by Viaan Sinha
Blueberries Make Me Happy by Londyn Dresser
The Shining Rainbow by Raven Naasz
My Dog Lily by Hannah Pate
Unicone Birthday by Hannah Pate
Mermaid Pusheen at the Beach by Hannah Pate
Sunset at the Beach by Hannah Pate
Cherry Blossom by Serenity Fonseca
Kitty in Springtime by Riley Fonseca
Animal Love by Riley Fonseca
Good medicine by Serenity Fonseca
A Colorful Toucan by Abigail Hughes
Tabby by Clara Eno
Rainbow the Parrot by Clara Eno
Jewel by Clara Eno
Me & My Mom by Bentson West
I Was Too Hungry by Bentson West
My Cat Raja by Arya Qureshi
Playing with my Friend by Josephine Jeong
Dashing Dreams by London Wright
Sunset Dreams by London Wright
Sunflower by Gabriella Martinez
An Artist painting the sunrise by Rishith Dhall
Dragon Fire by Delaney Munk
Calm Sunflower by Braelynn Tovera
I love pizza by Lance Thompson
Stretchy Cat by Carmen Parker
Wind Blowing Soft Breeze by Ziva Sofia Nathaniel
Soccer for Life by Shaida Leek
A Momma's Love by Shaida Leek
Let's go to space! by Carmen Parker

Third Grade

Garden by Sandy Goelz
My Dog (2) by Anjali Tarun
Hunter's Super Desk
My Dog (1) by Anjali Tarun
Hand by Austin Gore
Kit the Kitty Cat by Aero Sellen
Carnage by Aero Sellen
Happyness Is by Mistyanna Jasso
Tiger Roar by Austin Gore
Oceanside Treehouse Bargain by Emmalee Davey
Tree with Sunset Background by Emmalee Davey
Halloween Time by Quinn Clanton
Sky Blue by Brandon Hu
Hot Air Balloon by Logan Chiu
The Hawaiian Sunset by Maya Adeniyi
Family and Pets at the Beach by Quinn Clanton
Happy Art by Mildred Grinnell
What Lifts Me Up by Jingyang Zhang
Catch Me, Lift Me, Carry Me by Landon Reich
A Purr-fect Day with Pumpkin by Emma King
Kitty meow meow by Hailey Comalander
A horse of course by Lillian Brown
Construction Site by Grady Alfaqih
Joyful Light by Amelia MacDonald
Disneyland by Truly Wright
Fall Tree by Brianna Graat
The Chicken by Becca Langford
The Owl by Becca Langford
Music Moves Me by Nicole Parsons
Friends 4 Ever by Nicole Parsons
Feel Good Family by Karina Pokhrel
Feel Good Flowers by Karina Pokhrel
Singing by Giuliana Davis
Cat and Mouse by Sandy Goelz
Jungle Queen by Shelby De Anda
Jaws by Shelby De Anda
The Three Hogwarts Friends by Shelby De Anda
School Fun by Shelby De Anda
Fiery Fashion by Cara Slaughter
My Dog Crystal by Shourya Appalla
LOVE IS FAMILY by Lunah Bogdanovic
Nature is my Happy Place by Lucca Danz
The Moonlit River by Brynley Ringger
Bonding with my mother (2) by Chloe Ozobiani
Bonding with my mother by Chloe Ozobiani
The Quiet Sunset by Kritika Karnati
Sky in the Night by Ethan Chen
Floating with Family by Gian Bolognini
The Creative Ninja by Annabele Shyrock
Sharks! by Ever Sellen
Reading Rainbow by Ever Sellen
Gone Fishing by Ever Sellen
Nature by Vanesa Benuto
Soccer (3) by Vanesa Benuto
Soccer (2) by Vanesa Benuto
Soccer (1) by Vanesa Benuto
Colorful Sunset by Sahana Palawancha
Untitled (3) by Layla Rickard
Untitled (2) by Layla Rickard
Untitled (1) by Layla Rickard
Stella is My Everything by Layla Rickard
Cats are my Comfort Animal by Layla Rickard
Favorite Sports by Emerson Marasa
Beach by Errol Simonitsch
Life When You Are Happy by Saanvi Palem
Colors in Life by Saanvi Palem
We All Can Fly by Yuxi Nan
Nature by Hana Basit
My Haunted House by Sabreena SchlAAk
Beauty lifts me up by Alexa Erdmann
Hippos Bring Me Joy by Madison Wade
Soccer by KaitLynn Cintron
Reading in the Library Lifts Me Up! by Anthony Clark
The Indian Classical Dance by Kritika Karnati
Electric Post Sunset by Raghav Gupta
Nature Walk by Raghav Gupta
Flowers by Raghav Gupta
What Lifts Me Up by Raquel Webb
Untitled by Landon Signor
Halloween by Landon Signor
Baseball by Landon Signor
My Dog: Recce! by Wyatt Saura
A Bright Sunset by Alexia Ferreira
The Racer Plane by Jesse Marshall
Flight by Melanie Hellam
BTS Girl by Sabreena SchlAAk
Me reading by Sabreena SchlAAk
Clam by Eleanii Havert
Furrow by Eleanii Havert
Rocks! by Eleanii Havert
My House by Annabelle Shyrock
Rainbow Dolphin by Annabelle Shyrock
Colorful Hot Air Balloon by Blooklynne Pattanawat
Things that I like by Ricky Soe
Summer Bird by Blooklynne Pattanawat
UP by Blooklynne Pattanawat
Red Baron by Blooklynne Pattanawat
My Skydiving Dog by Blooklynne Pattanawat
Look Before You Leap by Blooklynne Pattanawat
The Midnight Sky by Kritika Karnati
Black Widow by Edyn Morales
Black Widow vs Wonder Woman by Edyn Morales
Nature in My Heart by Sophia Stake
Friends & Family by Delainey Freeland

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Breaking Boards by Kristine Yu
Beauty All Around by Alora Martinez
Candyland by Shyanna Jasso
Country Evening by Karis W.
Soccer Fiasco by Elliot Allison
Flower by Madison Tucker
Foxes by Lola Tripsha
Love by Addie Geddes
Sunset Girl by Kristine Yu
Fidget-gami by Baker Hughes
The Things I Love by Marlie Olsen
Wings of Fire by Liya Patel
Soothing Sunset by Liya Patel
3 Needs of Life by Liya Patel
Characters (7 of 7) by Francesca Mazzola
Characters (Bonus Character!) by Francesca Mazzola
Characters (6 of 7) by Francesca Mazzola
Characters (5 of 7) by Francesca Mazzola
Characters (4 of 7) by Francesca Mazzola
Characters (3 of 7) by Francesca Mazzola
Characters (2 of 7) by Francesca Mazzola
Characters (1 of 7) by Francesca Mazzola
Sand Crab Seaside by Sadi Angelo
Read by Madelyn Aldridge
The Joy In My Life by Peyton MacDonald
Illusions by Evelyn Shook
Drawing in My Room by Valentina Cheng
The Girl That Loves Drawing by Valentina Cheng
Sunset on the Ocean by Eli Barnum
Amongst the Stars by Ben Shkolnik
Music Lifts Me Up by Elliana Bell
Joy At Every Step by Aubree Benoit
Mushroom Under Saturn's Shadow by Kynlie Larson
Froggie and the Flower by Kynlie Larson
Machete Mushroom AKA “SUS”-room by Kynlie Larson
Ocean Sunset by Jenna Spong
Peaceful Sunset by Jenna Spong
Glistening Snowy Mountains by Evelyn Shook
Sundew by Persia Naasz
Pets by Diane Jeong
Pet Love by Liya Patel
Playing with Sisters in Sunset by Diane Jeong
Looking at the Clouds by Diane Jeong
Darkstalker by Charlii Havert
Cricket by Charlii Havert
Fall by Elliot Mullen
Truck on a country road by Ethan Jordan
At my post by Ethan Jordan
Dream Lamborghini by Ethan Jordan
Portrait by Gianna Goelz
Drawing Sea Fairy Cookie by Kristine Yu
Croissant Cookie by Kristine Yu
The Return Of Venom by Jameson Ready
My Beautiful Mother by Drayton Nathaniel
Sunrise by Olivia Saavedra
Clouds by Michaela Sykes
Fall by Michaela Sykes
Nature by Michaela Sykes
Christmas by Michaela Sykes
Rainbow by Michaela Sykes
Space by Michaela Sykes
The Night Sky by Michaela Sykes
USA Weave by Kyle Dahlgren

Sixth Grade

The Duck by Elise Belmont
Psychedelic Reading by Vanessa Carothers
Clancy by Lilly Rollins
Star Wars Symbiote by Phoenix Sellen
Two Faced Symbiote by Phoenix Sellen
My Happy Place by Macy Cull
Field of Wonders by Vanessa Carothers
Be Admired for Something Less Obvious by Vanessa Carothers
One Last Drop by Vanessa Carothers
Headspace by Viera Millstone
Family Time Lifts Me Up by Nolan Sengsiri
Anime by Aiyana Diaz-Calo
Forest at Sunset by Rebecca Larsen
Lucy & Music by Emme Hogan
Happiness from Bunnies by Emily Wade
The Simple Things in Life by Vivienne Holmes
TP Dino by Zak SchlAAk
Loki in Summer by Lanie Morales
Hive Wings by Lanie Morales
The Dog by Elise Belmont
Dogs Lift Me Up by Kylee Garcia
I am so Rudolphstick! by Sahana Mahesh

Seventh Grade

Silver Moonlight by Aivy Nguyen
Wings of Truth by Jacob Wylie
Nature Conservatory by Varun Sharma
Music is Life by Katie Davies
Dog Days of Summer by Claire Phillips
Camping by Ben Brown
Tanjiro and Nezuko by Sarah Leal
Monterey Coast Line by Colson Angelo
A Smoky Storm by Emelyn Angelo
Angel Dog by Alina Marshall
Puppy Love by Alina Marshall
Bros by Crystal Rice
Find Your Fire Within by Luca Bogdanovic

Eighth Grade

Lift Me Up by Natalie Minton
Being with me Sister by Eva Ringger
Running by Eva Ringger
Wings by Czean Elijae Soriano
Sunset by Czean Elijae Soriano
Doggers and Wink by Czean Elijae Soriano
Music by Sophia Coppa

We hope you have enjoyed our 2021 Virtual Art Show, "What Lifts Me Up!"

We would like to thank all of the BUSD student artists who have contributed their beautiful work to share with our community, and who inspire us all to find and celebrate the things in life that lift us up! 

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