What is The Buckeye Education Foundation?

Our Vision...


Our vision is to inspire children to reach their full potential by funding arts education and other vital programs.

Our Mission...

The Buckeye Education Foundation’s mission is to support quality educational programs in the arts and other areas for each child in the Buckeye Union School District. As concerned citizens, committed parents, and advocates for educational excellence, we raise funds, gather resources, and act as a catalyst to involve the community in supporting public education. We celebrate the importance, value, and achievement of our students, teachers, and schools.

Our History...

The Buckeye Education Foundation is YOUR nonprofit organization, created by Buckeye parents for all of our children, with the sole purpose of supporting the education of Buckeye students.

​California school districts simply cannot afford many of the “extras” of the past, due to inadequate funding – the “extras” that we all know are fundamental to a well-rounded education, and truly not “extra” at all. But all of these wonderful programs began to disappear when CA voters chose to put a cap on property taxes 40 years ago. Over half of the money that was given to schools every year disappeared. When the money disappeared, things like art, sports, music, PE, librarians, counselors, and so much more started getting cut.

The Foundation was started 10 years ago, at the height of the recession, by some wonderful and dedicated parents who moved to our area from other California communities where school district foundations are common. When the recession began to threaten school funding, they understood that if we wanted to save many of the teachers, staff, and programs about to be cut, that our school district was going to need outside help to fund them, so they launched the Buckeye Education Foundation. The Foundation got to work immediately, fundraising throughout the community, and helping save our school Libraries and PE programs. When the immediate crisis subsided, the Foundation was able to direct its efforts to contributing to Buckeye's technological infrastructure, and supplemental programs such as middle school performing arts. 

​Buckeye is a great school district with strong schools and the reason many of us moved to the communities we  call home, but there are more programs we wish the district could offer our children including: art, drama, choir, dance, music, sports, and more. And this is why the Buckeye Foundation exists – to help raise money, and then make grants to the district to support the programs we want to see funded. We also hope to serve as insurance for our schools, promising that whatever the future brings, our students will continue to receive all of the invaluable services and programs that make Buckeye the world- class, award winning school district that it is. 

Our Achievements...

​Since launch, the Foundation has granted over $600,000 to district-wide educational programs and instruction support, including supplementing funding for library staff and PE teachers, funding for teacher training, funding of a middle school drama program, and Wi-Fi and tech support.

Board of Directors

Melissa Keyzer, President

Michael Smith, Vice President

Shannon Yoffie, Board Member

Karen Brown, Board Member


Elizabeth Davies, Treasurer


We are looking for Buckeye community members interested in joining the Foundation’s Board of Directors and committees. If you are interested, please send us an email HERE.

The Foundation welcomes you at its monthly board meetings. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, meetings will be conducted via Zoom until further notice. Next meeting 7pm February 10, 2021. 

Register HERE.

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How You Can Help...


Without volunteer help, the Foundation cannot succeed!

Volunteers are integral to the success of our Buckeye schools and truly make a difference in our children’s education. Since we are an all-volunteer organization and operate without paying salaries or benefits, we are able to donate over 90% of funds raised to support educational programs for the children in our schools.

The Buckeye Education Foundation is made up of people like you who believe in providing our children with the best possible education. Your gift of time makes an incalculable difference in our ability to support our public schools.


You can serve on a committee or help out with smaller tasks and events as your time permits. Drop us an email or join our email list and we will keep you updated on all Foundation related News and Events.


Volunteers are integral to the success of the Buckeye Education Foundation. No matter what your talent, there is a way to get involved. No matter how little (or how much) time you have to spare, there is a way you can help!  Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends and have fun while positively impacting our schools and children.

The following committees need your help!

  • Campus Representative

  • Business Committee (Local Business Partnerships & Grants)

  • Events Committee

  • Annual Campaign Committee

Please join us!

Contact us: info@buckeyefoundation.org