Update: One-time funding from the Cares Act has saved our schools from budget cuts this year, and we are hoping that further emergency state and federal funds may keep our district from suffering any dramatic cuts in the 2021-22 school year as well. However, we are bracing for the reality that the pandemic-related economic downturn could have effects on our schools that may crop up in unexpected ways for years to come, and it remains a distinct likelihood that the same budget cuts that threatened our schools in the spring will revisit us in the near future. With your help we will continue to do all we can to build a safety net for our schools as we navigate these uncertain times. 

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The Buckeye Education Foundation is YOUR nonprofit organization, created by Buckeye parents for all of our schools and children!

The Buckeye Education Foundation is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organization that has been fundraising to support Buckeye schools since 2009. Working at the district level, we offer support that is separate from the valuable support provided by our school PTAs and PTOs, because it is support that schools can only receive at the district-level, such as supplemental funding for teacher and staff salaries. We expect the coming years to present big financial challenges for our district, and we are doing all we can to help Buckeye schools prepare. We have set a 2020-21 fundraising goal of $100,000 which would go a long way in providing a safety net for valuable programs that will be put in jeopardy if our district’s funding is impacted by the current pandemic-induced recession. Since June, we have raised nearly $75,000, getting us close to our goal! With your help, we hope to rally our community to help raise our goal flag to its height! Every year, we ask for a $250 donation per student to make the most meaningful impact in Buckeye schools, though smaller donations will add up and are gratefully welcome!

Please fill out our donation and survey form and return it to your teacher, school office, district office, by mail, or submit it online below.

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Great schools mean great communities, higher property values, and lower crime rates. We live in an exceptional area filled with exceptional people. Working together we can continue to offer the children in our community the exceptional educational opportunities that they deserve! Each kit comes with a dozen donation letters to deliver to neighbors, and (while supplies last) a Buckeye Education Foundation sticker and pen as a thank-you to you for helping us spread the word!