Yes, I will support the Buckeye Education Foundation!

         The Buckeye Education Foundation is YOUR nonprofit organization,

created by Buckeye parents for all of our children!

Now, more than ever, Buckeye schools need our help! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the state is planning to cut Buckeye's budget by 3.3 million dollars this coming school year, and 3 million more next year. This is devastating to our schools. We will lose all of our elementary school counselors, PE teachers, and librarians, as well as critical custodial staff, office staff, and more. These people are our friends and heroes. People who, when the stay-at-home orders were issued, sprang into action to create at-home counseling, virtual PE lessons, read-aloud lessons and more. People who have been working non-stop to stay in touch with our children while they're at home, and to care for and sanitize our schools while we're away. This is a time we need to thank these heroes and protectors of our children, not cut them from our programs. But we can make a difference!

We can only afford to keep our precious teachers and staff with YOUR SUPPORT! 

The more money we can raise, the more teachers and staff we can bring back!

We can do this!

We are Buckeye!

ANY amount you can donate makes a difference, whether it be $10 or $10,000!

Please make a donation, and then spread the word!




Donation Form

One more way to donate!

Simply scan our QR Code with the PayPal App!

You are making a difference!!!

Good schools mean good communities, higher property values, and lower crime rates. We live in an exceptional area filled with exceptional people. Working together we can continue to offer the children in our community the exceptional educational opportunities that they deserve!

Let us know you’re interested in supporting the Foundation by filling out this short survey.

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Together we can make a difference!



OR                        to print the form and mail to:

Buckeye Education Foundation
4641 Post Street, #4902
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Tax ID # 27-1254269

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