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Yes, I will help support all Buckeye students!

The Buckeye Education Foundation is YOUR nonprofit organization, created by Buckeye parents for all of our schools and children!

The Buckeye Education Foundation is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organization that has been fundraising to support Buckeye schools since 2009. Working at the district level, we offer support that is separate from the valuable support provided by our school PTAs and PTOs, because it is support that schools can only receive at the district-level, such as supplemental funding for teacher and staff salaries. We have set a 2023-24 fundraising goal of $250 per child, which would help maintain a safety net for valuable programs that have been threatened in the past, as well as supporting the implementation of new, supplemental programs that our district would not be able to provide without our support. Remember, this is the only donation request we make of Buckeye families for the entire year! Every year, we ask for a $250 donation per student to make the most meaningful impact in Buckeye schools, though smaller and larger donations will all move us toward our goal and are gratefully welcome!

Please fill out our donation and survey form and return it to your teacher, school office, district office, by mail, or submit it online below.

What will you invest in your child's education?  

Please make a donation, and then spread the word!

Donate via:

  • PayPal (2.7% + $0.49 processing fee) by filling out the form and clicking the PayPal link below,


  • Check - Please make checks payable to: Buckeye Education Foundation. and return to your school's office along with a printed copy of this form. 

Thank you for your support! 

We are Buckeye!


Donation & Survey Form

Remember your donation amount. You will enter it again when prompted. 

Please let us know what areas you would most like to see supported in the future.


Clicking the Donate button below will submit this form, and take you to our secure PayPal page to make your donation. 

You may be able to DOUBLE your gift! Ask if your employer will match your donation! Many do!
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