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proudly presents

"What I'm Grateful For"


featuring the artwork of TK-8th grade Buckeye Union School District students

We hope visitors to this page will enjoy seeing some of the things that our
Buckeye student artists are grateful for. We at the Buckeye Foundation are grateful to all of our
student participants and their families for sharing their work,
and to you, our audience, for visiting and sharing in this special Buckeye community art experience!

Thank you to our partnering sponsor, the El Dorado Hills Arts Association, for generously sponsoring prizes, and for serving as the judges for our art show.
Thank you to out partnering sponsor, the El Dorado County Library, for offering to host our top scoring art works in a display at the EDC Library, El Dorado Hills Branch.

To view the artwork, click on a preview image in the rotating gallery. A new window will open displaying the full work, with title and credit.
(Artwork may not be viewable on all mobile devices. For the best experience, we recommend viewing from a computer.)


(Transitional Kindergarten)

The Butterfly by Makena Coffin
Octonauts by Ty David Reehil


Little Fish Family by Elara Wheeler
Happy Day by Eve Putman
Landscape by Bailey Burk
Bluey Picture by Bailey Burk
Fox mom and baby by Bailey Burk
Halloween by Bailey Burk
I am grateful for my family and friends by Avril Dinh
Little Bird by Chase McGinnis
Little Flower by Chase McGinnis
Okay, now it's done
What I'm grateful for by Sukhnaaz Sanghera
Flowers by Emma
Hamburger by Emma
Family in the rainbow by Amelia Schroeder
The Leaf Poster by Scarlett Naasz
I am grateful (1) by Miles Wright
I am grateful (2) by Miles Wright
My Happy Rainbow by Logan Longacre
I'm grateful for flowers and butterflies by Novaleigh Brown
I'm grateful for my furry family and rainbows by Novaleigh Brown
The Flower Dame by Henry Edwards
The Witch of Scary-town (1 of 2) by Jacob Roberts
The Witch of Scary-town (2 of 2) by Jacob Roberts
The Great Sky by Jacob Roberts
Fast car driving with a sunset by Jace Brann
Space Exploration by Jace Brann
Fish in the Ocean by Adam Saif
American Flag by Julia Perez
Purple Flowers by Victoria Smith
A Rainbow by Logan Longacre
Food by Mack Kuang
Family by Mack Kuang
Happy Day by Mack Kuang
Thanksgiving by Mack Kuang

First Grade

Solar System by Arjun Bemgal
Loving Family by Jiya Chauhan
Relaxing Evenings by Jiya Chauhan
Sunset by Jiya Chauhan
O Lord Almighty, for all the things I am grateful for..
Nature's Beauty by Averie Layton
My Friends in Space by Mina Adeniyi
Nature by Clara Helms
Thankful for Family by Clara Helms
What I'm Grateful for by Mackenzie Niles
My House by Dylan Butcher
Sweet Family by Eileen Li
Grateful for Mandarin by Savina Patel
I Am Thankful For The Beach by Murat Ari
The Earth by Dominic Gagetta
My Family by Taylor Wadiak
My Best Truck by Lev Lastivka
Forest Island by Abbie Swimme
Rainbow by Eleanor Hopkins

Second Grade

Chubby Animals by Emily Moon
Sunflower Family by Zander Albin
Beach Vacation by Zander Albin
I'm Grateful for Presents (1 of 2) by Sebastian Cuellar
I'm Grateful for Presents (2 of 2) by Sebastian Cuellar
I am grateful for my baby turtle stuffie
I am grateful for a glass of water
Chocolate by Jillian Loarie
Farm by Ava Garcia
Thanks to Mrs. LaBass by Azaka Charan
Grateful for the World by Avyaan Pogulakonda
Grateful for Sea Otters & Moms by Scotland Silveri
House of Family by Azaka Charan
Indy with hat by Emily Moon
My Best Friend Indy by Emily Moon
Sunset Beach by Eva Meza
I am grateful by Sadie Wright
The Beautiful by Colin Li
First Day Of School by Blakeley Yeo
Thinking of Thanks by Kennedy Plotz
Forever Friendship by Miranda Hampton
Cornucopia of Gratitude by Anthony Percy
I am grateful for my family by Ruben Lotay
My Nana by Kimberlyn Olmstead
My World! by Elaina Jones
My Family by Maddox Panganiban
I Am Thankful by Casen Fowler

Third Grade

My Cat Sonny by Londyn Dresser
I'm grateful for silly surprises (2 of 2) by Isabella Cuellar
I'm grateful for silly surprises (1 of 2) by Isabella Cuellar
America by Bentson West
Nature by Jane Melehani
I'm grateful for trees by Isabella Cuellar
Mountains by Connor Delemarre
Sunsets by Aislinn Signor
Colors by Aislinn Signor
My Family by Keya Sharma
Nature's Love by Raven Naasz
Fall Beauty by Raven Naasz
I am Grateful for Mother Nature by Aryan Kumari
Pizza Party by Finley Pierce
What I'm Thankful For by Tegan Pierce
Grateful for sunsets on the beach with my late dog Winston by Dylan Tognotti
Home on the Farm by Cambrie Filippi
A Day at the Beach by Carmen Parker
Lily (my dog) by Hannah Pate
The Beach by Hannah Pate
Emotions by Hannah Pate
Things I am grateful for by Elena Britts
My Family by Jacoby Gagetta
My Cat by Zenna Gomes
I am thankful for Thanksgiving by Isabelle Hansen
Tasty Water by Lance Thompson
Cat in the Moonlight by Sarah Wang
Bacon & Eggs by Henry Sigel
Awesome Triangles by Steven Savoroski
The Love of Dogs by Clara Ahn
House and food by Logan Chiu
Sun by Sandy Goelz
Bob Ross by Sandy Goelz
Light House Memories by Malaya Mico
Bee Evolution by Aryav Chauhan
Vacation time in Hawaii by Bruce McGinnis
Starry night by Bruce McGinnis
My Bearded Dragon by Finnegan Loarie
What I'm grateful for by Sami Myers
It's a small world by Maya Adeniyi
Fortnite Fish by Christian Garcia
Chickens by Isabelle Warren
Shades of Colors by Carter Perillo
Ring of Resources by Carter Perillo
All the Flowers and Stars by Carter Perillo
I'm thankful for crazy, colorful art! by Lillian Brown
Grateful for the World by Lillian Brown
Friends by Henry Helms
Family by Quinn Clanton
Ideas Spark the Mind by Eli Beck
Festus by Owen Perillo
Cat Tastrophe by Owen Perillo
Love is Life by Ella Mobley
Turtle and a Veggie! (2 of 2) by Rylinn Tabor
Turtle and a Veggie! by Rylinn Tabor (1 of 2)
Cosmos by Nole Watson
Jeff the Pumpkin by Nole Watson
Little Sister Love by Cara Slaughter
I am grateful by Truly Wright
Peaceful by Giuliana Davis
What I'm Grateful For by Jingyang Zhang
I'm Thankful for Thanksgiving by Kai Hansen
Field of Flowers by Millie Grinnell
My Choice by Nicole Parsons
Afternoon Stroll with My Best Friend by Makena Acosta
Best Friends 3 by Chloe Ozobiani
Best Friends 2 by Chloe Ozobiani
Best Friends 1 by Chloe Ozobiani

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Diversity by Mauli Singhai
The Night of the Camel & Pyramid by Kritika Karnati
Great full Nature 2 by Alexia Ferreira
Great full Nature 1 by Alexia Ferreira
Best Friends by Madison Wade
Fall by Madison Wade
Rain Girl by Madison Wade
Trees of Hope by Melanie Hellam
Flute with Feather by Mauli Singhai
Music by Eva Beck
What I'm Grateful For by Emma Forrest
Feliz the Amazing Kitty by Ruby N.
Nature by Mauli Singhai
Sunsets and Sky by Landon Signor
I'm Grateful for My Family by Edyn Morales
Bee Grateful! by Aishi Derebail
What I am grateful for by Hanein Hanawi
The Earth and Nature by Sahana Palawancha
I am grateful by Hanein Hanawi
Nature (2) by Sachi Nanda
Nature (1) by Sachi Nanda
What I am grateful for by Ricky Soe

Sixth Grade

Pink Peony by Valentina Cheng
Tulips by Ella Rose Russell
The Fox Cat by Ella Rose Russell
Crying Girl by Ella Rose Russell
Duke & Me by Savannah Mathew
The Best Dog Ever by Kyla Perry
Meadow by the Mountains by Brandon Cobb
Shack in the Country by Brandon Cobb
Self portrait by Jayme Schaudel
Pickle Rick by Javriel Marquez
Untitled by Michelle Mobley
Autumn Brings Life by Pesria Naasz
Christmas Kittens by Persia Naasz
Hannah Banana by Gianna Goelz
Nature by Gianna Goelz
Bengal spirit ears by Olivia Bachmeier
A true hero by Skylar Huitt
Delicious Dinner by Valentina Cheng
Sweet by Mark Kuang
Food by Mark Kuang
Green Earth by Mark Kuang
Thanksgiving by Mark Kuang

Seventh Grade

Just Chillin' by Dakota Alfaqih
The Magic of Love by Sahana Mahesh
Christmas Girl by Sahana Mahesh
I am Thankful for My Little Yorkie by Taylor Nagel
"Burney Buck" coloration by Taylor Nagel
Big and Beautiful by Emily Wade
Wild Night by Gracie Davidson
Mr. Frog by Gracie Davidson
The Faces of Anime by Lanie Morales
The Faces of Anime (2) by Lanie Morales
The Faces of Anime (1) by Lanie Morales
Size Doesn't Matter by Dakota Alfaqih
Cabin in the Woods by Nolan Maloney
Soul Music by Kiera Abuanbar

Eighth Grade

Flower Bouquet by Aivy Nguyen
Imperfect Pumpkin by Madelyn Hood
Lightning Storm Forest by Madelyn Hood
The Lion of Colors by Leah Beck
The Beauty of Nature by Leah Beck
Green Forest by Aivy Nguyen
Sunflowers by Aivy Nguyen
Tropical Birds by Aivy Nguyen
I am grateful for my home by Kulraj Lotay
Balance by Grace McDonald
Lemons and Lemons by Grace McDonald
Emotional Phases of The Moon by Grace McDonald
Deflated Duck by Grace McDonald

Congratulations and THANK YOU to every artist who participated in this year's art showcase! It is an honor to feature your work in this showcase and we are truly grateful to each artist for their contribution.
Special congratulations to the following artists for their top scoring artworks in their grade-level categories:

TK: The Butterfly by Makena Coffin 

K: Little Fish Family by Elara Wheeler

1st Grade: Solar System by Arjun Bemgal

2nd Grade: Chubby Animals by Emily Moon

3rd Grade: My Cat Sonny by Londyn Dresser

4th Grade: The Love of Dogs by Clara Ahn

5th Grade: Diversity by Mauli Singhai

6th Grade: Pink Peony by Valentina Cheng

7th Grade: Just Chillin by Dakota Alfaqih

8th Grade: Flower Bouquet by Aivy Nguyen

Our wonderful judges from the El Dorado Hills Arts Association had the impossibly difficult task of scoring the artwork, and there were many very close scores. As a famous artist once said, "creativity takes courage" and we hope that every artist feels as proud to have submitted their work as we are to feature it in the showcase.

We are Buckeye!

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