2019-2020 Annual Back-to-School Campaign

Welcome back to school Buckeye! The Buckeye Education Foundation is relaunching its annual back-to-school campaign, and we need your help!

The Buckeye Education Foundation was founded by Buckeye parents in 2009 to support the education of students in the Buckeye School District, and after a few quiet years, we’re excited to be bringing it back! Your contribution of time or money will directly benefit all Buckeye students as we help our district raise the level of art, technology, and other offerings in our schools. Every dollar helps! Any amount you can donate or find a sponsor to donate is great!

Thank you for your generous support! “We are Buckeye!”

Please Click HERE to Donate Today!



Good schools mean good communities, higher property values, and lower crime rates. We live in an exceptional area filled with exceptional people. Working together we can continue to offer the children in our community the exceptional educational opportunities that they deserve!

Let us know you’re interested in supporting the Foundation by filling out this short survey. If you’d prefer, download the PDF.


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