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Buckeye Education Foundation
Past Grants

Past Grants

Here are some examples of past successful grants that the Buckeye Education Foundation has provided.


LCD to Connect Sounds to Writing

Rebecca Forman
1st and 2nd Grade Teacher

Grant funds were used to purchase a class set of LCD writing screens. Students were able to easily practice writing sounds and words during foundational literacy skills lessons. The LCD tablets allowed for lots of practice connecting sounds to written letters allowing for multisensory practice.


Life Skills for Life!

Jonalin McCollum
Education Specialist, 6-8th Grades Special Education

I used the grant funds to purchase a play grocery store, play money, play credit cards and checks, and play food items. It has been a very valuable project. My students have enjoyed working with the grocery store, food items, and money. They have learned valuable life skills about making healthy food choices and how much food costs. 


Follow Along: Teacher Read Aloud

Audrey Gomez
5th Grade Teacher

I was able to purchase class sets of 3 books that I read aloud to my students. The students love when I read chapter books aloud to them and having their own copy of the book has enriched their experience. They have demonstrated their engagement and comprehension through written responses to questions and class discussions.


Wobble Stools

Emily Holmes
3rd Grade Teacher

I used the grant funds to buy 8 wobble stools for my classroom. My students LOVE these wobble stools. Previous to receiving these stools, I had stools that were falling apart from energetic and restless third graders rocking on them. Now, they can wiggle and learn at the same time, and there are no broken stools!


Hands-on History

Victoria Ferretti
7th and 8th Grades Individuals & Societies Teacher

I used the funds for social studies-related lessons which included Terra Cotta Army Sculptures, Westward Expansion dioramas or STEM Wagon/Rafts, Westward Expansion Journals (rather than Lewis and Clark), and Zheng He's Treasure Ship STEAM Challenge. By having the opportunity to do "hands-on history", students will have a better grasp of the content for those particular units in social studies.


Flexible Seating and Storage

Erica Fritz
4th Grade Teacher

I used the grant funds for flexible seating materials and bins for each student. Because of the wobble feet, my students were able to stay in their chair but still wiggle around. The wobble stools gave more people in my class a different option than a chair. Students were more attentive and focused.


Expanding Creative Play

Bonnie Hampton
TK and Kindergarten Teacher

I purchased a magnetic ramp wall and water wall for indoor and outdoor play. This project has been extremely successful. It allows for amazing exploration and discovery. It also is a high interest tool so there have been many opportunities to develop peer relationships and solve problems as they arise. This Magnetic Wall is a durable and long lasting tool that will be used for years to come. 

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