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Buckeye Education Foundation Grant Program

Project Grants

The Buckeye Education Foundation is proud to offer direct grants to BUSD district teachers and staff to enable them to implement special projects to provide educational enrichment or enhance the learning experience for students at any BUSD campus. The Foundation offers these grants in addition to its primary role of supporting the school district with district-wide grants.

We invite you to view past grants to see how donations to Buckeye Education Foundation have been put into action!

In the 2023-24 school year, we will offer two grant cycles, as follows:


  • Grant application period: September 6 - September 30

  • Notifications made by October 20

  • Projects must be completed by January 31, 2024

  • Project Reports must be completed by February 15, 2024


  • Grant application period: January 8 - January 31, 2024

  • Notifications made by March 4, 2024

  • Projects must be completed by *May 16, 2024

  • Project Reports must be completed by *May 30, 2024
    *Deadline extensions may be granted based on the needs of the project.

Projects that meet the following criteria will be eligible for funding consideration:

  • Led by BUSD teachers or school staff members

  • Provide a meaningful impact to provide educational enrichment or enhance the learning experience for a group of students, either one-time use or ongoing use 

    • One-time use (example: single use supply purchase, exhibition or demonstration)

    • Ongoing use (examples: teaching tools or aids, lesson plans/materials/equipment purchase, subscription purchase)

  • Funding will make the difference between the project happening or not; funding is not readily available through other sources or programs

  • Be completed before January 31, 2024 (Fall awardees) or May 16, 2024 (Spring awardees; deadline extensions may be available), or in the case of purchases that have ongoing use, students should experience the benefit of the grant before those dates.

  • Note for repeat applicants: Funding priority will go towards applicants who have not yet received any BEF Grant funding previously, however we welcome repeat applicants. 

Grants applicants choose the Grant amount they are applying for, which will be the maximum amount of funding allotted for the project grant: $300, $500, $800, or $1,000. The number of project grants awarded in the 2023-24 school year will depend on the applications received, the amount of funding requested, the amount of funding available, and other factors. Teachers and staff at every school in the district are encouraged to apply!

Grant Application Requirements and Process

Grant awardee requirements:

  • Must be employed by the Buckeye Union School District

  • Must be willing to provide a project photo (jpg format) and short bio that the Foundation can post to our online channels if you are chosen as an awardee

  • Must be willing to complete a brief summary report including photos and/or video, and brief narrative description, by February 15, 2024 (Fall awardees) or May 30, 2204 (Spring awardees).

Additional applicant information:

  • Your application should not be the same as anyone else's application. We can accept multiple applications for the same genre of project, but not grouped applications for a single project, i.e. where funding is dependent on all of the group's applications being approved. Each project should be unique, and applications will be reviewed individually.

  • We will not accept applications on behalf of someone else's project. All applicants should be responsible for / in charge of the project they are applying to fund.

Project budget:

The application process includes completing a form and submitting a project budget. The project budget should include the total cost of the project, including identifying any other sources of funding, and indicate specifically what the BEF grant funds will purchase.

Evaluation process:

Grants will be evaluated in two phases: (1) anonymous evaluation by 2-3 scorers on a volunteer committee; and (2) final decisions will take into account equity among school and grade level distribution. Please see "Grant Review Team" below for more information about joining the volunteer committee.

Funding process:

Grant awardees will fund their project by traditional receipt reimbursement, creating a "cart" on Share-A-Cart for the Foundation to fund, or having the Foundation make the purchase directly when the other two options won't work. Please note that all purchases made through the grant are the property of BUSD and not the property of the individual grant awardee. 


Questions are welcome! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you want to run ideas by us or want to learn more about the types of projects this grant program is seeking to fund. Please contact Note: the volunteers who answer questions are not involved in application scoring.

Grant Review Team


The Grant Review Team is a dedicated group of volunteers who work together to make decisions about grant funding. Buckeye community members are invited to join the Grant Review team for an exciting way to make a meaningful impact. Click here to learn more and apply to join the Grant Review Team.

In addition to inviting adult members of our community to serve on this volunteer team, we are reserving a few seats for 8th graders to participate as well. If you have an 8th grader who might be interested in this unique real-life experience, we encourage you to look over the information and application with them. These students will have the same expectations and involvement as the other adult team members. 

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