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Budget Situation Update from BUSD School Board Member Jon Yoffie

The following information was posted by BUSD Board Member Jon Yoffie on the Buckeye Foundation's FaceBook page, and we thought it deserved re-posting here. It clearly distills some of the data, which is the factual grounding for the case we are making to our state representatives. You can read the entirety of the post on our Buckeye Foundation FaceBook Page.

"As currently structured, here is the CARES Act funding for our local school districts (keeping in mind that each is facing an ~7.5% budget cut immediately). Buckeye: $60/per student Rescue: $63 per EDUHSD: $73 per Compare that with nearby Concentration Grant districts: Elk Grove: $207 per student San Juan: $276 per Sac City: $398 per Twin Rivers: $547 per Clearly the funds are not being distributed equitably on a per student basis. These cuts are deeper and came on faster than anything we saw during the great recession and are taken from a budget where education spending has failed to reach pre-recession levels. ... If you are interested in more specifics, I suggest contacting the district administration." You can also search funding by district at the link below:

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