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Letter Writing Campaign Update

June 7, 2020

Dear Buckeye Families and Friends,

Our letter writing campaign is working! Our legislators are hearing our voices and trying to help secure the funding we desperately need to keep our schools intact. Legislators are pushing back on the Governor's budget proposal, but because they are finding him unwilling to change the distribution of CARES Act funds for schools, they are proposing we borrow against the future.

While it is becoming a hopeful possibility that the legislature may find a way to bail us out of some of the cuts to certificated staff this coming school year, we are deeply worried that this may only be pushing the problem down the road. Yes, we'll take any help we can get, and even a bandaid would be welcome relief, but the legislature's current plan to save schools from some of the cuts this school year relies upon the gamble that we will receive a huge influx of federal dollars to pay off the debt later. If that federal funding does not come through, there is a distinct possibility that we may be facing even deeper cuts by this time next year. Do we wait to see what happens, or do we act now to try to help ourselves?

The Buckeye Foundation is preparing to launch an Emergency Summer Fundraising Campaign. We realize that in this time of national pain and growth and change, we've had crises bombarding us from all sides. We know you're dealing with a lot, but we want you to know we are here for you, and your children, always. And we can't wait any longer to try to save our schools. We have only a few weeks of summer to act before school resumes without Libraries, Counselors, PE teachers, and more. We ask that if you love our schools, please help support our mission! The more money we can raise, the more insurance we can provide our children against the threat of losing so much of the important programs that help make Buckeye the wonderful place it is for our children.

We are Buckeye!


Melissa Keyzer

Buckeye Education Foundation President

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