Take Action.

                                                                What a difference a year makes!
     One year ago at this time, our schools were facing devastating budget cuts that would have dramatically impacted programs, potentially closing our school libraries and eliminating teachers district-wide. We asked you, our Buckeye community to step up to help us brace for this impact, and you answered strong! You helped us raise nearly 100K to protect our schools as much as we could as we braced for impact, and now, a year later, we are all breathing a collective sigh of relief! The one-time rescue money that the current proposed California budget contemplates will save us from the cuts that we were expecting! Not only that, but the funds will even ensure that BUSD will be able to afford the next much-needed classroom technology upgrade we will see rolled out over the next few years as our classroom Chromebooks and smart boards become due for an expensive refresh. This is a huge financial lift that we at the Foundation expected would fall, in part, on parent and donor shoulders, and we are thrilled to hear it will be covered without our help this time around!  
     So now we can get back to the work we love, and instead of finding ways to save endangered programs we can actually start thinking about how to use our funds to add to our schools' offerings! And the more we can fundraise, the bigger we can dream! We're so excited to start back strong this school year, and eager to work with BUSD to find ways to do the most good district-wide with the generous parent and community support you provide. Please join our effort, fill out our annual survey, and make a donation if you can. Together we can make Buckeye schools stronger than ever! We are Buckeye!!

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Our vision is to inspire children to reach their full potential by funding arts education and other vital programs.

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